The Way-Too-Early AUDL Stat Breakdown, by Official AUDL Reporter Andrew Lewis


The AUDL season is officially underway, so that means it’s time to take a look at the stats accumulated over the first weekend of action and overreact accordingly. Since the Thunderbirds, Shred, and Hustle have a head start over the other teams with 2 games, we’re going to reserve this analysis for rate stats, and compare the Aviator’s numbers with some of the other teams in the league and hopefully get an idea of how they stack up against the rest of the competition. 

First, let’s take a look at completion percentage (CMP%). As it stands now, the top three teams in the league are Empire, Hustle, and Breeze, with completion rates of 97.05, 96.33, and 96.17 respectively. These teams put their collective foot down and said “incompletions are for suckers”. Though this number only looks at one facet of the game, turnovers might be one of the best indicators of team success, as retaining possession is paramount to winning in Ultimate behind points scored. Therefore it is no surprise these elite teams have separated themselves in this metric early. The Aviators find themselves 15th out of 19 teams in the League in terms of CMP%, but a rate of 90.91 is certainly nothing to be alarmed about, though some improvement in this metric would be beneficial.  

Two stats that really stick out for the Aviators are their Huck% and Hold%. I’m like 99% sure that Huck% is the completion rate of hucks (though I’m not sure exactly how many yards necessitate a huck), and Hold% is O line scores / O line points, basically the rate at which the O line holds regardless of if they turned it over on a given point. As it stands currently, the Aviators have a 58.33 Huck% and a 64 Hold%. In my opinion, these numbers go hand in hand to the Aviators success, as the eye-test saw a handful of turns on hucks this past weekend, particularly from the O line. A strength of the Aviators is the exceptional deep pressure exerted from their O line studs, namely Sam Cook and breakout Rookie Everest Shapiro. Being able to isolate these guys and hit them deep more consistently will certainly spell more favorable outcomes for the Aviators in terms of holds and of course those coveted dubs. 

One metric where the Aviators find themselves in the upper-half of the league at 9th is their 20.83 Break% (BRK%, or D line scores/D line points). Essentially, the rate at which the D line forces a break on a given point. This is a pretty solid number, and certainly something the Aviators D line can continue to build on throughout the season. 

Though the Aviators find themselves behind where they probably would like in some offensive rates, it is early enough in the season where these numbers aren’t too discouraging. Certainly there is time to grow in this young season, and if they are able to isolate their deep threats, expect to see some of these numbers improve in the coming weeks. 

Written by’s premium AUDL correspondent, Andrew Lewis